Wrongful Death

Moving your loved one into a nursing home is a big decision which requires a great deal of trust in the facility and its staff of health care professionals, and when negligence results in the wrongful death of your loved one, you deserve to be fully compensated for your losses and see that justice is served.

Here are some of the ways a nursing home’s negligence can result in wrongful death:

  • Abuse – In rare cases, physical abuse of an elderly patient may directly result in the patient’s death, and liability may fall on one or more particular staff members and not necessarily the nursing home itself.
  • Bed Sores – Wrongful deaths from bed sores are also rare cases, but still do occur in nursing homes, often due to neglect. When bed sores become serious and get infected, immediate medical attention is necessary to prevent sepsis or a similar advanced infection, and some elderly patients lose their lives when bed sores become this severe and the nursing home does not provide the medical care they need.
  • Dehydration/malnutrition – Dehydration and malnutrition are dangerous on their own, especially for elderly patients, and they can also exacerbate existing conditions or even result in new conditions which could be fatal. Lack of food and water can make patients physically weaker and frailer, which can increase the risk of falls and hinder the body’s ability to fight infections, and a patient’s death due to dehydration/malnutrition or a condition resulting directly from it is usually the fault of the nursing home, which should be held legally accountable.
  • Medication errors – These errors are unfortunately common in nursing homes, and in some cases they can result in serious complications or even death. Medication errors include prescribing the wrong dosage of a medication, prescribing the wrong medication entirely, prescribing two or more medications which should not be mixed (either for the particular patient or any patient), or failing to provide medication in the first place. Some unintended responses to improper medication include changes in mood or behavior, while more serious responses may include stroke, heart failure, or other life-threatening conditions.

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