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Have you or someone you love been hurt in a workplace accident in Illinois? Every employee has the right to a safe work environment. From people sitting behind desks in an office to construction crew, accidents can happen, and workers may be left with injuries as well as medical expenses, lost wages and a temporary or permanent inability to work. For the last twenty years, nearly 5,500 workplace injuries have occurred every year in Illinois, including 200 accidents that resulted in death, according to the Illinois Department of Labor.

While workers in mining, manufacturing, construction and transportation industries are at the highest risk, accidents can occur in any occupation. When accidents happen, you need to understand your rights. The best way to decide how to proceed is consulting with an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer about the details. If your injury was the result of an unsafe workplace or someone else’s negligence, you may be able to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit to hold them accountable.

Agruss Law Firm, LLC, will help you file an injury claim or lawsuit against those responsible. Our experienced legal team will help you with your workplace injury claims to alleviate financial and emotional burdens associated with:

  • Emergency transportation expenses
  • Hospital and medical bills
  • Prescription medication costs
  • Physical therapy expenses
  • Medical supplies and equipment costs
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capabilities
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

Types of Common Workplace Injuries

Agruss Law Firm, LLC, offers legal assistance to workers hurt in a wide range of accidents, including the following.

Motor vehicle accidents: This is the leading cause workplace accidents and deaths. Delivery drivers, truck drivers and those who work around vehicles are at risk for these accidents.

Heavy equipment accidents: Workers may suffer head or brain injuries, crushed limbs or serious back and spinal cord injuries from working around heavy equipment.

Machinery: Factories and industrial plants can easily become dangerous work environments, particularly when workers do not receive adequate training to work around machinery or are not given sufficient protective gear.

Falls: Falls are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries for construction workers. These accidents can also occur from slipping on icy, uneven or wet floors or stairways that do not have proper guards or railings.

Falling objects: Falling objects often lead to serious brain and head injuries, and these injuries may occur at construction sites or in factories or warehouses.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

Illinois workers’ compensation law allows for financial compensation to workers injured on the job. Depending on your injuries, however, these benefits may not be enough to cover your lost wages and medical costs. Filing a third-party personal injury claim or lawsuit may allow you to receive damages not available through a workers’ compensation claim, such as damages for your pain and suffering.

Workers’ compensation is designed to recover your medical costs and some lost wages, but these benefits are often low compared to the actual costs many workers truly suffer as victims of a workplace accident. You deserve you have your rights protected and receive compensation to cover your losses.

Agruss Law Firm, LLC, will fight to protect your rights and work to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. Because there are time limits in Illinois for filing an injury claim or lawsuit, please contact us as soon as possible to protect your right to take legal action. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for a free consultation.

We are a Chicago injury law firm representing individuals and families who have suffered an injury or loss due to an injury received on the job. Agruss Law Firm, LLC, will handle your personal injury case quickly, will advise you every step of the way, and will not hesitate to go to trial for you.

Lastly, Agruss Law Firm, LLC, does not get paid attorney’s fees unless we win your case. Our no-­fee promise is that simple. Therefore, you have nothing to risk when you hire us—just the opportunity to seek justice.

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  1. Rachel

    I cut the tip of my finger off in a cooking accident and went to the ER. The bandage they applied (and instructed me to leave on for 2-3 days) was far too tight causing lots of pain; I returned to the same emergency room in horrible pain and they did not remove the bandage to look at the injury; they gave me a local anesthetic and sent me home with instructions to take Tylenol when it wore off in 12 hours. When I returned to work, they sent me to urgent care as I was nauseous and faint from pain; there, I was diagnosed with ischemia and sent to another emergency room. My finger developed huge “fracture blisters” and I was sent to a wound specialist for several weeks to care for the enormous swelling and monitor for infection or signs of healing. I used paid sick time but missed 3 full days of work, and am still experiencing an uncomfortable recovery which has slowed me down at home and work– my regrown skin after the eschar fell off is extremely sensitive/painful in some places and numb in others, my circulation is inconsistent, I’m losing my fingernail (which is an infection risk) and I’m still trying to regain full mobility of the finger. I’d like to know what options might be available to try to at least recoup my expenses from my multiple ER & doctor visits and hopefully ensure that greater care is taken for future patients. I don’t know if any possible damages would be worth the cost of litigation and would very much like to avoid going to court, but I’m not sure if talking to the hospital is a good idea without speaking to an attorney!

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