Nursing Home Sexual Abuse in the U.S., Part 2

Nursing home abuse is a serious epidemic in the United States; according to one study by the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), between 7.6% and 10% of participants had experienced abuse in the previous year, and sexual abuse generally accounts for about 7% of all abuse-related complaints against nursing homes in the U.S.

Perpetrators may be caregivers, residents, or even strangers, and often target residents who have trouble communicating due to disability, memory loss, or even intimidation. Risk factors for nursing home sexual abuse include:

–    Facilities with higher percentages of residents who have dementia generally have higher rates of abuse
–    Facilities with low staff-to-resident ratios also have higher rates of abuse
–    Facilities with histories of abuse and non-compliance are more likely to experience future problems
–    Most victims of sexual abuse in nursing homes are female

Physical signs of abuse may include:

–    Blood on bedsheets, clothes, or linens
–    Bleeding, bruising, or infection in the genital area
–    Ripped, stained, or bloodied undergarments
–    Bruising near the thighs, breasts, or buttocks
–    Unexplained pain when sitting or walking

Behavioral signs of abuse may include:

–    Fear or anxiety, especially near a specific person
–    Depression/suicidal thoughts
–    Changed sleep patterns, such as trouble sleeping or nightmares
–    Psychosomatic complaints, such as stomach-aches in men or headaches in women
–    Changes in expressed affection, such as sudden fear of being touched

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