Dropped Patients

Many elderly patients in nursing homes have limited physical mobility and require professional assistance to move around or transfer from a bed to a wheelchair or vice-versa; some patients, depending on their weight and mobility, may even require assistance from two or more staff members to complete the transfer. Nursing homes and similar medical facilities must have strict protocols for physically transporting and transferring patients, especially elderly patients, and when staff members do not follow these protocols and drop a patient as a result, serious injuries can occur and the nursing home may be legally liable for the damages. If your loved one has suffered a fall in a nursing home due to negligence, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.
Most of these accidents occur when a patient is being transferred in or out of a wheelchair. These situations include being moved from one wheelchair to another; from a bed to a wheelchair or vice-versa, or to use the shower or toilet. Injuries resulting from these accidents can be very serious, especially since many elderly patients are unable to “break” their falls in the same way as younger people. These injuries can include: bone fractures, particularly in the face, hips, or limbs; traumatic brain injury (TBI); damage to internal organs; and even death.
While most incidents involving dropped patients result from bad judgment or failure to follow standard or patient-specific protocols on behalf of individual staff members, the nursing home may also be at-fault in some cases. Many nursing homes do not provide adequate training for their staff members or select unfit applicants in the first place; many facilities are understaffed, which places great mental and physical stress on existing staff members; and many are guilty of lacking equipment or utilizing poorly-maintained equipment.
When combined, these factors create serious safety risks for nursing home patients and can result in preventable accidents and injuries. When a patient is physically dropped due to the negligence of a staff member or the nursing home itself, those parties should be held accountable for the damages, and our attorneys will fight for you and your loved one until the very end.
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