Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence

An infant who was injured at birth may face serious disabilities and a lifetime of challenges, such as physical therapy, special education, and adult dependency. Not only is such an injury devastating to both the baby and its parents, but the expenses can be sky-high even into adulthood. Unfortunately, many birth injuries could have been avoided with proper precautions and recognition of risks, and families of babies who are injured at birth due to negligence may have viable legal claims against the delivering doctor and/or other medical professionals.

Medical negligence is generally defined as performance which falls below expected standards of medical care. To prove that medical negligence caused the injury, you need an experienced attorney who can show that no fetal injuries existed before the mother went into labor and accepted medical assistance.

Types of medical negligence which may lead to birth injuries include:

  • Delayed Caesarean section – An emergency C-section may be necessary if there is fetal distress, which may be caused by placental bleeding, cord prolapse, uterine rupture, a drop in the fetal heart rate, or other issues. Fetal injuries can occur when a necessary C-section is delayed, and the delivery personnel who failed to order it on-time or recognize the signs that it was necessary may be held liable for resulting injuries.
  • Hypoxia – Hypoxia may occur when the baby’s brain does not receive enough oxygen, which may be caused by a tangled umbilical cord or placental damage or infection. Delivery personnel are well-trained in detecting and treating hypoxia, but a staff member who fails to do so may be liable for the injuries; in severe cases, hypoxia can cause permanent mental and physical disabilities.
  • Vacuum injuries – “Vacuum” devices may be employed when the baby has difficulty passing through the birth canal. It is a safe method of assisting childbirth when placed on the baby’s head or shoulder, but improper placement can seriously injure the baby and/or the mother.
  • Forceps injury – Forceps may be used by doctors when the baby is improperly positioned within the womb in order to alleviate or prevent oxygen deprivation, which can lead to serious disabilities such as cerebral palsy. When used improperly, forceps can cause nerve damage to the baby’s head, neck, or chest.
  • Other – Other types of negligence which may lead to injuries include failure to treat infections, failure to induce labor with drugs at the proper time, failure to recognize umbilical entrapment, neglecting pre-natal testing, and failure to notify a physician (on behalf of a nurse or technician) when serious problems are detected.

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